Why Kyriba?

Innovation, Scale, Trust

Kyriba pioneered cloud treasury and finance, and has continued to innovate in the space, getting recognized recently as the global category leader in the space by IDC.

Thousands of global organizations trust Kyriba to help balance growth and risk to achieve better financial outcomes.


Connected Ecosystem

Kyriba offers world-class connectivity options for bank statement reporting, payments, ERPs, trading portals, cloud platforms and marketing information systems. Kyriba is a SWIFT-certified application for cash management, delivering multi-bank connectivity as a service. Kyriba also offers managed connectivity, which means we onboard your banks and continuously monitor your connections. We take care of everything.


100 Percent SaaS Solution

Kyriba offers a fully virtualized, multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that uses a single code base across its entire cloud platform. Kyriba pioneered this 100% SaaS approach for treasury and finance nearly 20 years ago, and now stands alone in delivering industry best security, scalability and business continuity. In total, Kyriba processes 160M total transactions each month.


Next-level Data and Platform Security

Kyriba invests heavily in IT infrastructure and data and application security, including third-party audits, full redundancy for disaster recovery, data encryption, password controls and dual-factor authentication, and more. We are committed to providing our users with the best in cloud security, ensuring their information security and other internal requirements are met.

Data Security

Data Visualization and Insight

Kyriba offers highly graphical data visualization and reporting, enabling users to make faster decisions. This includes business intelligence capabilities that offer drag and drop functionality, graphic exploration and on-demand analysis. Kyriba is also pushing the boundaries for machine learning and predictive intelligence capabilities that enhance decision making processes.

Business Intelligence

Extensive Product Functionality

Kyriba offers the most advanced product functionality of any treasury-based platform in the industry, integrating mission-critical applications for cash and FX risk management, payments, working capital solutions and much more. When pieced together, these capabilities create a powerful platform for activating liquidity in ways never before possible.

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